How to download IGNOU BAG Previous Years Question Papers Pdf?

Are you looking for IGNOU BAG Previous Years Questions Paper Pdf? For all students who want to pass their forthcoming IGNOU BAG Term End Examination, here is the ideal spot to download IGNOU BAG Previous Years Question Papers Pdf. Students will save time by studying the IGNOU BAG Previous Years Question Papers so they will learn the pattern of the questions posed in the IGNOU BAG Previous Years Question Papers. Above all, download IGNOU BAG Previous Years Question Papers from this website and get the best preparation for your upcoming exams.

Steps to download IGNOU BAG Previous Years Question Papers Pdf

Follow the steps below to download the IGNOU BAG Previous Years Question Papers from the official website:

– First, go to the official IGNOU website,

– Step 2: Choose the “Student Support” tab.

– 3rd Step: Choose “Student Zone” from the drop-down menu.

– 4th Step: Scroll down and click the drop-down menu next to “Question Papers.”

– Step 5: Choose the semester for which the IGNOU BAG Question Papers are needed.

– Step 6: Choose your subject by clicking on its name.

– 7th Step: Locate and click on the subject code for the IGNOU BAG Previous Years Question Papers you like. The question paper will be shown over the screen. It is available for free download.

Importance of IGNOU BAG Previous Years Question Papers in Exam Preparation

The below are some of the advantages of studying IGNOU BAG Previous Years Question Papers:

  • Previous year’s question answers will give you an overview of the types of questions that will be used in the exam, enabling you to plan ahead of time.
  • The best approach to prepare for the TEE exam is to answer question sheets.
  • Before making any preparations, candidates should review the marking scheme and weighting of the marks by line.
  • By practising previous year question papers, students will recognise their weak points.
  • Examining previous year’s question papers will help you develop your problem-solving and time-management abilities.

Link to download IGNOU BAG Previous Years Solved Question Papers

We are providing the direct link to download IGNOU BAG Previous Years Solved Question Papers, which candidates can download for their exam preparation.

IGNOU BAG First Semester Previous Years Solved Question Papers

IGNOU BPAC 131 Perspectives on Public Administration

IGNOU BSOC 131 Samaajashaastr ka parichay

IGNOU BANC 131 Anthropology and Research methods 

IGNOU BANC 131 Maanav vigyan avem Anusandhaan vidhiyan

IGNOU BECC 131 Principles of Microeconomics I

IGNOU BECC 131 Suksham Arthshastra ke Siddhant I

IGNOU BEGC 131 Individual and Society

IGNOU BEGLA 135 English In Daily Life

IGNOU BESC 131 Education: Concept, Nature and Perspective 

IGNOU BEVAE 181 Environmental Studies

IGNOU BEVAE 181 Paryavaran Adhyayan

IGNOU BHDC 131 Hindi Sahitya ka Itihaas

IGNOU BHDLA 135 Hindi bhasha: vividh prayog

IGNOU BHIC 131 Bharat ka itihaas: aarambhik kaal se 300 isvi purv tak 

IGNOU BHIC 131 History of India from the Earliest Times upto 300 CE 

IGNOU BMTC 131 Calculus

IGNOU BMTC 131 Kalan

IGNOU BPAC 131 Rajneetik Siddhant Ka parichay

IGNOU BPCC 131 Foundations of Psychology

IGNOU BPCC 131 Manoviggyan Ke Adhar

IGNOU BPSC 131 Introduction to Political Theory

IGNOU BPSC 131 Rajneetik Siddhant Ka parichay

IGNOU BPYC 131 Indian Philosophy

IGNOU BSKLA 135 Sanskrit Saahitya Avem Vyakran

IGNOU BSOC 131 Introduction to Sociology

IGNOU BAG Second Semester Previous Years Solved Question Papers

IGNOU BANC 132 Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology

IGNOU BANC 132 Jaivik manav vigyaan ke mool sidhaant

IGNOU BECC 132 Principles of Microeconomics II

IGNOU BECC 132 Vyasthi Arthashastra ke Sidhaant – II

IGNOU BEGAE 182 English Communication Skills

IGNOU BEGC 132 Selections From Indian Writing: Cultural Diversity

IGNOU BEGLA 136 English At The Work Place 

IGNOU BESC 132 Structure and Management of Education

IGNOU BHDAE 182 Hindi Bhasha aur Sampreshan

IGNOU BHDC 132 Madhyakaleen Hindi kavita

IGNOU BHDLA 136 Hindi Bhasha : Lekhan Kaushal

IGNOU BHIC 132 Bharat ka itihaas C.300 to 1206

IGNOU BHIC 132 History of India from C.300 to 1206

IGNOU BMTC 132 Avkal Samikaran 

IGNOU BMTC 132 Differential Equations

IGNOU BPAC 132 Prashaasinik Vichaarak

IGNOU BPAC 132 Administrative Thinkers

IGNOU BPCC 132 Introduction to Social Psychology

IGNOU BPCC 132 Samaajik Manovigyaan Ka Parichay

IGNOU BPSC 132 Bhartiya Shaasan Avem Rajneeti

IGNOU BPSC 132 Indian Government and Politics

IGNOU BSOC 132 Sociology of India

IGNOU BAG Third Semester Previous Years Solved Question Papers

IGNOU BANC 133 Fundamentals of Social and Cultural Anthropology

IGNOU BANC 133 Saamaajik Aur Saanskrtik Nrvigyaan Ke Mool Siddhaant

IGNOU BANS 183 Paryatan Manavvigyaan

IGNOU BANS 183 Tourism Anthropology

IGNOU BECC 133 (Samashti Arthashaastr Ke Siddhaant I 

IGNOU BECC 133 Principles of Macroeconomics I

IGNOU BEGC 133 British Literature

IGNOU BEGLA 137 Language Through Literature

IGNOU BEGS 183 Writing And Study Skills

IGNOU BESC 133 Curriculum, Teaching Learning and Assessment

IGNOU BHDC 133 Aadhunik Hindi Kavita 

IGNOU BHDLA 137 Hindi Bhasha Sampreshan Koushal 

IGNOU BHDS 183 Anuvaad Siddhaant aur Pravidhi

IGNOU BHIC 133 Bhaarat ka Itihaas: 1206-1707

IGNOU BHIC 133 History of India from c.1206 to 1707

IGNOU BMTC 133 Real analysis

IGNOU BMTC 133 Real Analysis

IGNOU BPAC 133 Administrative system at Union Level

IGNOU BPAC 133 Kendreey star par Prashaasnik Pranalee

IGNOU BPCC 133 Manovigyanik Vikaar

IGNOU BPCC 133 Psychological Disorders

IGNOU BPCS 185 Developing Emotional Competence 

IGNOU BPSC 133 Comparative Government and Politics

IGNOU BPSC 133 Tulnatmak Sarkar evam Rajneeti

IGNOU BSOC 133 Samaajashastreey siddhant

IGNOU BSOC 133 Sociological Theories

IGNOU BAG Fourth Semester Previous Years Solved Question Papers

IGNOU BANC 134 Fundamentals of Archaeological Anthropology 

IGNOU BANC 134 Puraataatvik Maanav Vigyaan Ke Mool Tatv

IGNOU BANS 184 Saarvajanik Svaasthy Aur Mahaamaaree Vigyaan

IGNOU BANS 184 Public Health and Epidemiology

IGNOU BECC 134 Principles of Macroeconomics II

IGNOU BECC 134 Samashti Arthashaastr Ke Siddhaant II 

IGNOU BECS 184 Data Analysis

IGNOU BECS 184 Deta Vishleshan

IGNOU BEGC 134 Reading The Novel 

IGNOU BEGLA 138 Reading And Speaking Skills 

IGNOU BESC 134 Education as a Practice

IGNOU BHDC 134 Hindi Gady Saahity 

IGNOU BHDLA 138 Hindi Saahitya : Vividh Vidhaaye

IGNOU BHDS 184 Radio Lekhan 

IGNOU BHIC 134 Bhaarat Ka Itihaas: 1707 SE 1950

IGNOU BHIC 134 History of India from c. 1707 to 1950

IGNOU BMTC 134 Algebra

IGNOU BMTC 134 Beejaganit 

IGNOU BPAC 134 Administrative system at State and District Levels

IGNOU BPAC 134 Raajy Aur Jila Strr Par Prashaasanik Pranali 

IGNOU BPAS 184 Logistics Management 

IGNOU BPAS 184 Sambhaaran Prabandhan

IGNOU BPCC 134 Statistical Methods and Psychological Research

IGNOU BPCC 134 Saankhyikeey Vidhiyaan Aur Manovaigyaanik Anusandhaan 

IGNOU BPCS 184 School Psychology

IGNOU BPCS 184 School Manovigyaan

IGNOU BPCS 186 Managing Stress

IGNOU BPCS 186 Tanaav Prabandhan

IGNOU BPSC 134 Antararaashtreey Sambandhon Ka Parichay

IGNOU BPSC 134 Introduction to International Relations

IGNOU BSOC 134 Methods of Sociological Enquiry

IGNOU BSOC 134 Samaajashaastreey Anusandhaan Kee Vidhiyaan

IGNOU BSOS 184 Techniques of Ethnographic Film Making

IGNOU BSOS 184 Maanav Vigyaanee Film Banaane Ke Takaneek 

IGNOU BAG Fifth Semester Previous Years Solved Question Papers

IGNOU BABG 171 Understanding Education

IGNOU BECE 145 Bhartiya Arthvyavastha I

IGNOU BECE 145 Indian Economy I

IGNOU BEGE 141 Understanding Prose

IGNOU BEGE 143 Understanding Poetry

IGNOU BEGE 145 Soft Skills

IGNOU BEGG 171 Media and Communication Skills

IGNOU BEGG 173 Academic Writing & Composition

IGNOU BEGS 185 English Language Teaching

IGNOU BESE 141 ICT In Education

IGNOU BHDE 141 Asmita Moolak Vimarsh Aur Hindi Saahitya 

IGNOU BHDE 143 Premchand 

IGNOU BHDE 145 Kabir

IGNOU BHDG 173 Samaachar Patra Aur Feature Lekhan Paathya

IGNOU BHDS 185 Telivision Lekhan 

IGNOU BHIE 141 Cheen Ka Itihaas C 1840 1978

IGNOU BHIE 141 History of China : C. 1840 1978 

IGNOU BHIE 143 Aadhunik Purvi Asia Ka Itihaas : Japan (C 1868 1945) 

IGNOU BHIE 143 History of Modern East Asia: Japan

IGNOU BHIE 145 Some aspects of European History : C. 1789 1945

IGNOU BHIE 145 Yuropiya Etihaas Ke Khuch Pehlu 1789 1945

IGNOU BMTE 141 Linear Algebra 

IGNOU BPAE 141 Right to Information 

IGNOU BPAE 141 Suchna Ka Adhikar 

IGNOU BPAE 143 Administrative System in BRICS

IGNOU BPAE 143 Bricks Me Prashaasnik Pranaali 

IGNOU BPAG 171 Disaster Management

IGNOU BPAG 171 Aapda Prabhandan 

IGNOU BPAG 173 E Governance

IGNOU BPAG 173 E Shaasan

IGNOU BPCE 145 Counselling Psychology

IGNOU BPCG 171 General Psychology

IGNOU BPCG 171 Saamanya Manovigyaan

IGNOU BPCG 173 Psychology for Health and Well being 

IGNOU BPCG 175 Psychology for Living

IGNOU BPCS 187 Managing Human Resources

IGNOU BPSE 141 Gaandhi Avem Samkaalin Vishw

IGNOU BPSE 141 Gandhi and the Contemporary World 

IGNOU BPSE 143 Bharat Me Rajya Ki Rajneeti 

IGNOU BPSE 143 State Politics in India 

IGNOU BPSE 145 Democracy and Development in Northeast India

IGNOU BPSE 145 Purvottar Bharat Mai Loktantra Avem Vikas 

IGNOU BSOE 141 Nagriya Samajshastra 

IGNOU BSOE 141 Urban Sociology 

IGNOU BSOE 145 Religion and Society 

IGNOU BSOE 145 Dharma Aur Samaaj

IGNOU BSOG 171 Bhartiya Samaaj: Chaviyaa Avem Vaastviktaaye

IGNOU BSOG 171 Indian Society: Images and Realities 

IGNOU BSOG 173 Rethinking Development

IGNOU BSOG 173 Vikas Ka Purnvichar

IGNOU BSOS 185 Drashya Ke Maadhyam Se Samaaj

IGNOU BSOS 185 Society through the Visual

IGNOU BAG Sixth Semester Previous Years Solved Question Papers

IGNOU BANE 146 Anthropology of Indigenous People

IGNOU BANE 146 Deshaj Logon Ka Maanavavigyaan

IGNOU BECE 146 Bhaarateey Arthavyavastha II 

IGNOU BECE 146 Indian Economy II

IGNOU BEGE 142 Understanding Drama

IGNOU BEGG 172 Language and Linguistics

IGNOU BEGG 174 Creative Writing 

IGNOU BEGS 186 Business Communication

IGNOU BESE 142 Lifelong Learning

IGNOU BGDG 172 Gender Sensitization: Society and Culture 

IGNOU BGDG 172 Gendar Sanvedasheelata Samaaj Aur Sanskriti 

IGNOU BGDG 172 Gender Sensitization: Society and Culture 

IGNOU BHDE 142 Raashtreey Kaavyadhaara

IGNOU BHDE 144 Chhaayaavaad 

IGNOU BHDE 146 Chhaayaavaadottar 

IGNOU BHDG 174 Sarjanaatmak Lekhan Ke Vividh Kshetr Paathy

IGNOU BHDS 186 Samaachaar Sankalan Aur Lekhan 

IGNOU BHIE 142 History of Environment

IGNOU BHIE 142 Paryaavaran Ka Itihaas

IGNOU BHIE 144 Bhaarat Mein Itihaas Lekhan Kee Paramparaen 

IGNOU BHIE 144 Traditions of History Writing in India

IGNOU BMTE 144 Numerical Analysis

IGNOU BMTE 144 Sankhyaatmak Vishleshan 

IGNOU BPAE 142 Organisational Behaviour

IGNOU BPAE 142 Sangathanaatmak Vyavahaar

IGNOU BPAG 172 Hindi Shaasan: Mudde Aur Chunautiyaan 

IGNOU BPAG 172 Governance: Issues and Challenges

IGNOU BPAG 174 Satat Vikaas 

IGNOU BPAG 174 Sustainable Development

IGNOU BPAS 186 Stress and Time Management

IGNOU BPAS 186 Tanaav Evam Samay Prabandhan

IGNOU BPCE 146 Industrial/ Organisational Psychology

IGNOU BPCG 172 Youth, Gender and Identity

IGNOU BPCG 174 Hindi Manovigyaan Evan Meediya 

IGNOU BPCG 174 Psychology and Media

IGNOU BPCG 176 Psychology of Gender

IGNOU BPCS 188 Application of Social Psychology

IGNOU BPSE 142 India’s Foreign Policy in a Changing World 

IGNOU BPSE 142 Vaishvik Jagat Mein Bhaarateey Videsh Neeti 

IGNOU BPSE 144 Dakshin Asia Ka Parichay

IGNOU BPSE 144 Introduction to South Asia

IGNOU BPSE 146 Conflict Resolution and Peace Building 

IGNOU BPSE 146 Sangharsh Samaadhaan Evan Shaanti Sthaapana

IGNOU BSOE 142 Bhaarateey Samaajashaastreey Paramparaen

IGNOU BSOE 142 Indian Sociological Traditions

IGNOU BSOE 144 Prajaati Lekhan Adhyan 

IGNOU BSOE 144 Reading Ethnographies

IGNOU BSOE 146 Marriage, Family and Kinship

IGNOU BSOE 146 Vivaah Parivaar Evan Naatedaaree

IGNOU BSOE 148 Saamaajik Stareekaran

IGNOU BSOE 148 Social Stratification 

IGNOU BSOG 176 Arthavyavastha Evan Samaaj 

IGNOU BSOG 176 Economy and Society



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