IGNOU BAG Syllabus 2020

The full form of BAG is Bachelor of Arts General. In this article, candidates will get to know about the whole IGNOU BAG syllabus 2020 semester wise, fees and duration in detail.

Semester system is the new approach which is adopted by the Indian Education system. Most of the Universities, private colleges have adopted the semester system. IGNOU also introduces the semester system from June 2019 and Choice based credit system (CBCS) and from June 2019, BA is called BAG.

The syllabus of BAG is totally different from that of BA. Still many people search IGNOU BA syllabus instead of IGNOU BAG syllabus 2020.

Note :- IGNOU provides 2 types of Programmes. First is Bachelor of Arts General (BAG) Programmes  and second is Bachelor of Arts Honours Programme. Syllabus for both these Programmes are different. This article will only discuss about the IGNOU BAG syllabus 2020 in detail.

IGNOU BAG Course Duration 2020:

Minimum Duration of BAG is 3 years and Maximum Duration is 6 years. You can get admission for BAG Course in both January session as well as in July session.  

Fee Structure of BAG Programme :

  • Total Fees for BAG is Rs 8,000 and you have to pay it yearly  @ Rs 2,700 per year.
  • The learners who are applying for B.A. Psychology courses with Practicum component are required to pay an extra fee of Rs 600/- each in the first and second year.

IGNOU BAG Syllabus 2020 in Detail

For passing IGNOU BAG Degree, you have to complete 132 Credits in six semesters with 22 credits per semester.

Note :- A learner  can choose any two disciplines from the thirteen disciplines for completing BAG programme.

The IGNOU offers Bachelor of Arts Degree with following disciplines :-

  1. Anthropology
  2. Economics
  3. History
  4. Political Science
  5. Psychology
  6. Public Administration
  7. Sociology
  8. Mathematics
  9. Hindi
  10. Urdu
  11. English
  12. Sanskrit

The 132 credits have to be earned by completing the following categories of courses from different Disciplines available under each of the five categories :-

  • Core Course (CC)
  • Discipline Specific Electives (DSE)
  • Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC)
  • Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC)
  • General Electives (GE)

Note :- Once  the two disciplines are chosen in the first semester, learners has to take Core courses and Discipline Specific Elective Courses from those two Disciplines only in all the subsequent semesters.

IGNOU Anthropology BAG Syllabus:

Course CodeTitle of the Course
BANC 131Anthropology and Research Methods
BANC 132Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology
BANC 133Fundamentals of Social and Cultural Anthropology
BANC 134Fundamentals of Archaeological Anthropology

IGNOU Economics BAG Syllabus:

Course CodeTitle of the Course
BECC 131Principles of Microecnomics –I
BECC 132Principles of Microeconomics – II  
BECC 133Principles of Macroeconomics – I
BECC 134Principles of Macroeconomics – II

IGNOU History BAG Syllabus:

Course CodeTitle of the Course
BHIC 131History of India from the earliest times upto 300CE
BHIC 132History of India from C300 to 1206
BHIC 133History of India from C1206 to 1707
BHIC 134History of India from C1707 to 1950

IGNOU Political Science BAG Syllabus:

Course CodeTitle of the Course
BPSC 131Foundations of Psychology
BPSC 132Introduction to Social Psychology
BPSC 133Psychological Disorders
BPSC 134Statistical Methods and Psychological Research

IGNOU Public Administration BAG Syllabus:

Course CodeTitle of the Course
BPAC 131Perspectives on Public Administration
BPAC 132Administrative Thinkers
BPAC 133Administrative system at Union level
BPAC 134Administrative system at State and District levels

IGNOU Sociology BAG Syllabus:

Course CodeTitle of the Course
BSOC 131Introduction to Sociology
BSOC 132Sociology of India
BSOC 133Sociological Theories
BSOC 134Methods of Sociological Enquiry

IGNOU Sociology BAG Syllabus:

Course CodeTitle of the Course
BHDC 131Hindi Sahitya ka Itihaas
BHDC 132Madhyakalin Hindi Kavita
BHDC 133Adhunik Hindi Kavita
BHDC 134Hindi Gaday Sahitya
BHDLA 135Hindi Bhasha : Vividh Prayog
BHDLA 136Hindi Bhasha : Lekhan Koshal
BHDLA 137Hindi Bhasha : Sanpresh Koshal
BHDLA 138Hindi Bhasha : Vividh Vidhay

IGNOU Urdu BAG Syllabus:

Course CodeTitle of the Course
BUDC 131Study of Prose & Poetic Form in Urdu
BUDC 131Study of Classical Ghazal
BUDC 131Origin & Development of Urdu Language
BUDC 131Study of Urdu Nazm
BUDLA 131Study of Modern Urdu Prose & Poetry

IGNOU Urdu BAG Syllabus:

Course CodeTitle of the Course
BEGC 131Individual & Society
BEGC 132Selections From Indian Writing: Cultural Diversity
BEGC 133British Literature
BEGC 134Reading the Novel
BEGLA 135English in Daily Life
BEGLA 136English at the Work Place
BEGLA 137Language through Literature
BEGLA 138Reading and Speaking Skills

IGNOU Sanskrit BAG Syllabus:

Course CodeTitle of the Course
BSKC 131Sanskrit Paday Sahitya
BSKC 131Sanskrit Gaday Sahitya
BSKC 131Sanskrit Natak
BSKC 131Sanskrit Viyakaran
BSKLA 131Sanskrit Sahitya Aivam Viyakaran

IGNOU Mathematics BAG Syllabus:

Course CodeTitle of the Course
BMTC 131Calculus
BMTC 131Differential Equations
BMTC 131Real Analysis
BMTC 131Algebra

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