IGNOU BAG English Book Pdf Download Link

IGNOU BAG English Book Pdf

IGNOU BAG English Books Pdf – If you want IGNOU BAG English Books Pdf Download Link, then you are at the right page and we will also give you the direct link to download IGNOU BAG English Solved Assignment Pdf, IGNOU BAG English Solved Guess Paper Pdf & IGNOU BAG English Previous Years Solved Question Paper Pdf. Above all, we will also familiar you with some information regarding the Syllabus of IGNOU BAG English Books Pdf.

IGNOU BAG English Books Pdf Download Link

Here is a direct link to download the IGNOU BAG English Books Pdf. Just Click on the link below:

IGNOU BAG English Books Pdf

IGNOU BAG English Solved Assignment Pdf Download Link

Here is a direct link to download the IGNOU BAG English Solved Assignment Pdf. Just Click on the link below:

IGNOU BAG English Solved Assignment Pdf

IGNOU BAG English Solved Guess Papers Pdf Download Link

Here is a direct link to download the IGNOU BAG English Solved Guess Paper Pdf. Just Click on the link below:

IGNOU BAG English Solved Guess Paper Pdf

IGNOU BAG English Previous Years Solved Question Paper Pdf Download Link

Here is a direct link to download the IGNOU BAG English Previous Years Solved Question Paper Pdf. Just Click on the link below:

IGNOU BAG English Previous Years Solved Question Paper Pdf

Syllabus of IGNOU BAG English Books Pdf

English in Daily Life (BEGLA 135)

This is a programme created specifically for students who speak English at an ‘intermediate level.’ It is intended for those of you who already possess some basic language abilities and are ready to increase your ability. The Course is designed to help you enhance your command of the English language by providing ample opportunity for reading, writing, speaking, and listening practise. We’ve employed a range of text kinds to help you become fluent in regular English usage. Our reading and listening selections address modern concerns such as welcomes and introductions, travel, health and fitness, the workplace, societal values (class, caste, gender, peace, etc. ), and the future. By using everyday examples and addressing topics that affect all thinking people, this course seeks to increase your social awareness while simultaneously equipping you with the language necessary to articulate your opinions and concerns.

English at the Workplace (BEGLA 136)

This course is designed for students from a variety of fields who wish to improve their English skills for the job. We’ve emphasised on first-time job seekers because the majority of you will be looking for your first job. The course is structured into four blocks, each of which focuses on a different aspect of the job market, interview preparation, cross-cultural interaction in business environments, and learning about customers and customer service. Additionally, it teaches you how to participate in debates, deliver presentations, and write business letters and emails. This course places a premium on business ethics.

Language through Literature (BEGLA 137)

The purpose of Language Through Literature is to provide a clear description of how even the most basic aspects of language are deftly and beautifully employed in literature/oratory to satisfy, entertain, persuade, gratify, and create aesthetic appeal. Indeed, literature is nothing more than the inventive and creative use of language. This course will enable you to not only learn and enjoy the many and dynamic ways in which writers/orators use language, but also to comprehend and appreciate literary/rhetorical works more fully and take greater pleasure from them. The primary focus of this course will be on literal versus metaphorical meaning, literary and rhetorical strategies, and a knowledge of how discourse develops.

Reading and Speaking Skills (BEGLA 138)

The Reading and Speaking Skills course is worth six credits. The purpose of this course is to increase our comprehension of the reading process and to refine our reading skills. The course will cover a variety of text forms, including expository, descriptive, narrative, arguing, and persuasive. The speaking abilities are highlighted by their application to a variety of conversational circumstances, including formal, informal, and telephone conversations. Additional speaking exercises will be practised, including stories, dialogues, debates, discussions, meetings, and presentations. Additionally, we would emphasise pronunciation in this course.

Individual and Society (BEGC 131)

The course is worth six credits and is divided into four blocks. Each block is comprised of four parts. The emphasis of this course is on the individual in all of his or her facets and how s/he interacts with and learns from the environment, culture, and geography of which s/he is a part on occasion. Its purpose is to enhance the learner’s English proficiency through the development of reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities through topics such as the environment, travel and tourism, culture and entertainment, and health and fitness.

Selections From Indian Writing: Cultural Diversity (BEGC 132)

The course will examine literature by Indian authors in both English and translation, providing learners with access to the thoughts and work of regional authors as well. It will feature a range of genres, including criticism, short stories, and poetry, and will address timely concerns such as language politics, writing about/from marginalised groups/communities, and women’s views. It envisions the opening of a window through which students can glimpse the illustrious legacy of the Bhakti and Sufi movements and go into the current world through the reading of representative writing by contemporary authors with a contemporary worldview. Sujit Mukherjee, Sisir Kumar Das, Amrit Rai, MK Naik, Nabanita Deb Sen, Tillotamma Mishra, Eleanor Zelliot, Bulleh Shah, Akka Mahadevi, Meera, Raghuvir Sahay, Ayyappa Paniker, Kynphem Sing Nongkynrih, N.T. Rajkumar, Lakshmi Kannan.

British Literature (BEGC 133)

This is a six-credit Discipline Specific Core Course that introduces learners to some of the most great writing in the British literary canon. The course emphasises in-depth analysis of the works assigned for study, which include plays by William Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw, as well as a novel by Thomas Hardy. The course is designed to foster learners’ critical thinking abilities and to provide a wide grasp of many genres of British literature.

Reading the Novel (BEGC 134)

This course defines the novel as a genre, traces its origins to a variety of other literary sources and genres, and examines three representative books that have lasted the test of time. The Awakening by Kate Chopin, Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, and Paraja by Gopinath Mohanty. Additionally, this course introduces various theoretical frameworks for analysing the novels being studied.

Understanding Prose (BEGE 141)

This course will cover a variety of genres of prose, including short tales, essays, letters, travelogues, biographies, and autobiographies. Through these texts, we will examine literary prose and strive to comprehend what makes its’literariness.’ The objective would be to partake in the complete variety of aesthetic experiences available in literature.

Understanding Drama (BEGE 142)

This course will familiarise you with the history of drama. It will also discuss the evolution and development of Drama. Additionally, many sorts of drama that arose at various points in history will be addressed. The course will examine representative works by well-known dramatists from various eras and will involve students in a critical examination and reading of these theatrical texts. Emphasis is placed on structure, technique, dialogue, themes, symbolism, motifs, and character development in the plays covered in this course.

Understanding Poetry (BEGE 143)

The course will begin with a discussion of poetry’s forms and features. The learners will be introduced to poetic techniques with the goal of enabling them to analyse and appreciate the poems critically. The course will cover a variety of topics, tactics, and issues related to the poetry covered in class. The poetry in this course will reflect a variety of cultures and ethnic identities, as well as gender and a range of perspectives.

Soft Skills (BEGE 145)

Often, individuals possess superior professional abilities but are failures at work. This is more about one’s attitude, behaviour, and personality than it is about any particular technical understanding. Soft skills are critical for success in life and in work. This encompasses self-reflection, adaptation, teamwork, emotional intelligence, a disposition of gratitude, and the development of leadership and empathic skills. Enhancing these characteristics will enhance one’s personality and ultimately result in success at work and, more importantly, in life. This six-credit course in Soft Skills is divided into four units.

Writing and Study Skills (BEGS 183)

To be successful in education and the workplace, it is critical to cultivate strong study habits and enhance our writing abilities. Writing and Study Skills (4 credits) begins with the fundamentals of effective writing, including the development of our critical, analytical, and interpretative skills. Additionally, we must work on expanding our vocabulary and honing our punctuation skills. Additionally, we require grammar in order to write fluently and accurately. Additionally, the training emphasises note taking and the development of summary writing skills.

English Language Teaching (BEGS 185)

Many of you intend to teach languages after earning your B.A. English language teaching (4 credits) provides an overview of what it would take to become an English teacher. The course covers topics such as recognising the student, being a reflective teacher, classroom methods, producing and customising materials, utilising technology, and understanding the fundamentals of assessment.

Business Communication (BEGS 186)

Company Communication (4 credits) teaches you about a business organisation and the tasks and responsibilities that go along with it. It will also cover business communication, such as internal and external company communications, project proposals and business reports, and so on.

Media and Communication Skills (BEGG 171)

We plan to introduce you to many forms of mass media through this course, including newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and, of course, the internet. The internet today, through tools like as blogs, message boards, podcasts, and video sharing, has given the average man and woman more influence than they have ever had in the past, and which was previously only available to mass media producers. The world of media has been revolutionised by new technology. They have demolished the world’s social barriers. People now live in close proximity to one another as a result of technological advancements. Although the concept of communication is quite simple, it has enormously interesting and intricate repercussions. We will examine the purposes and elements of communication and provide you with numerous tactics and principles for writing for various forms of mass communication.

Language and Linguistics (BEGG 172)

We utilise language on a daily basis. Have you ever considered the following: What is language? Is it a characteristic that is unique to the human species? Does language exist solely for social purposes? What about those who are multilingual? We will attempt to address some of these questions in this six-credit course on Language and Linguistics. We then concentrate on the English language’s sounds, word building, and sentence structures.

Academic Writing and Composition (BEGG 173)

As students, we are frequently required to submit tasks such as essays, reports, projects, summaries, and evaluations. We feel insecure while doing so and lose marks not because we lack knowledge of the subject, but because we lack training in academic writing. This six-credit course examines the distinctions between academic and non-academic writing, as well as the various types of academic writing. Additionally, we modify several styles of paragraph writing and composition, summary writing, note taking and note taking, and book and media reviews. Additionally, copyright and plagiarism are explored.

Creative Writing (BEGG 174)

This course in creative writing enhances the creative potential of those interested in a professional career as a freelance writer by providing an understanding, skill, and professional knowledge about the art of writing. The course covers both the art and practise of creative writing as well as other forms of creative writing. This involves writing features, short stories, poetry, and writing for the media, as well as the current developments in new media. Finally, but certainly not least, we have provided recommendations for manuscript preparation and publishing ethics.

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